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About Cartoon Network Match Land apk

It was released on March 21, 2018. It features Steven Universe as a working character along with other popular Cartoon Network characters. Cartoon Network Match Land apk is a match-3 puzzle RPG game where you recruit the vibrant heroes from the Cartoon Network world to fight off mutant food! That is right — you are likely to be battling french fries, pizza, and more! Our Cartoon Network Match Land cheats and hints will demonstrate ways to have the food festival back in tip-top shape!

Using simple and cute graphics, a fun and easy to get into match-3 system, Cartoon Network Match Land game is a really fun game. Create your team from the famous Cartoon Network Company and start your excellent adventure of launching a fries shop with all of its great features. You’re beginning right from the bottom and there’s a very long way waiting for you beforehand.

cartoon network match land cheats apk

Cartoon Network Match Land Characteristics

  • MATCH 3 WITH A TWIST. If you make a game, you may keep on coordinating until the point that the clock runs out. What amount of matches would you be able to string together? Moreover, you can move pieces corner to corner to set a radical new border on good game 3 gameplay.
  • NOURISHMENT FIGHT FRENZY. Fight with a swarm of aware sustenance items to keep the Cartoon Network Food Festival running. Punch a pizza! Conflict with cupcakes! Fight some french fries!
  • YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS. Select your legends out of 20 varied Cartoon Network characters with intriguing capacities. Additional keep your eyes peeled for CN cameos among the clients and store proprietors!
  • UPDATES GALORE. Step up your saints, at that point develop them into considerably more intense forms. Acquire gold from 20 distinctive nourishment shops you can redesign and open.
  • LUNAR SEA SPIRE ARENA. Get more gold, pearls, tokens, and also various treats from the Lunar Sea Spire, an entirely isolate field mode that offers you a chance to check your group’s actual power for great prizes.

Cartoon Network Match Land iphone is a cosmetic overhaul of a preexisting game named Match Land, spruced up with figures from the channel’s many popular animated shows such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe.

Cartoon Network Match Land Gameplay

More than only a Match-3 game, Match Land also adds a combat system. Your Puzzles come in sets of three, and fitting gems earns you points that get converted into harm inflicted upon a group of enemies located on the top half of their display. Rather than clearing the board or reaching the end of a timer, then you progress to the next puzzle by eliminating the bad men. Meanwhile, they are taking turns attacking you, so you have to balance matches which earn points from matches which treat you. Each battle also contains a boss fight, which means you want to conserve your hit points to get ready for the last scuffle.

Interestingly, you may also move stone sparingly, creating more chances for matches and cascades. The Cartoon Network Match Land hints We’re specifying in the diversion will Help you to accomplish one of the best outcomes. It will save you the time too to accomplish the goals you’re accomplishing. At precisely the exact same time, CNML adds its whimsy, such as an abysmal container of fries that’s wearing classic blue-and-red 3D glasses. This feeling of fun helps drive your desire to continue playing, as you would like to find out what wonderfully silly creature  conjures up next. Even in the Event That You Get Rid of a battle, you at least get a consolation prize in the form Of captured enemies, which you sell at your stores for a modest quantity of gold. Since battles cost energy things, it is nice to receive a little something in return in Cartoon Network Match Land ios game.

cartoon network match land cheats

Cartoon Network Match Land Cheats

Looking for Cartoon Network Match Land cheats for unlimited Gems? Well, look no further! We are thrilled to represent our new Cartoon Network Match Land trick for Android and iOS! This 100% Safe and 100% Working tool is great and fast way for you to Add Gems and Gold! This cheat for Cartoon Network Match Land android works with all iOS and Android versions of game.

Cartoon Network Match Land Cheats Features :

  1. Unlimited Gems
  2. No jailbreak or root required
  3. Works on iOS & also Android
  4. Protected with Anti-Ban
  5. Friendly and “easy to use” interface

Cartoon Network Match Land cheat it will give you unlimited Gems with just a few clicks. It is the best tool online and so they will never know that you are using to get Gems. The best thing about this Cartoon Network Match Land Cheats online is that you do not need to download anything in your computer or your mobile device. This Cartoon Network Match Land trick is 100% Safe and Virus-Free.

Cartoon Network Match Land tips

Upgrade your stores!

If you get enough spices in the amounts, you can pay them to upgrade Your festival shops. Updating a store raises its earnings, the amount of Eatmos it creates, and how long it stays open for business. If you analyze a shop’s details, you can see just what Cartoon Network Match Land spices you need to upgrade it. In case you’ve got the level unlocked where the spice drops, then you are able to revisit it to earn more spices. If you would like to evolve your favourite heroes in timely manner, you will want to spend some time into upgrading your shops.

Plan out your games!

It is important to keep in mind that the match timer in Cartoon Network Match Land does NOT start until you Make the first match. This means you could take all of the time in the world planning out your next chain of games. By building a match, you will start the timer, so the first move is obviously an essential step that you need to think ahead and anticipate what will happen afterwards.

cartoon network match land cheats tips


When it comes to matching, Do Not Forget That you can also move pieces Diagonally, and that means you’ve got several choices. In addition, the time will keep on rising for each successful move, and if you were a terrible player then adhere to the solution we have mentioned previously.

Catch the Fries

This is the principle Component of the Cartoon Network Match Land gameplay; they’ve included it under the Naming of getting the fries and we don’t trust it’s so much fascinating. Furthermore, try to coordinate three or more tiles to begin a turn. That is the way the amusement is being played.

Get all stars to get a gem chest!

Each level includes three stars for you to obtain. For all 3 celebrities, you’ll Have to beat the amount under a certain amount of turns. If you can manage to find each and every star in a chapter, you’ll be rewarded with a stone chest at the end. Gem chests contain a hefty number of gems inside them, so they’re very much worth the trouble. Do you love cartoon games? Check out Pocket Mortys Cheats!

This means that You Will Need to string combos and utilize the dual damage Color bonus as far as you can. Some levels are extremely lenient with the number of turns you can take while others are strict, so you might need to replay certain levels.

Match enemy colours for double damage!

If you attack with meals that matches the same colour as the meals baddies, Your heroes will inflict double damage! For Instance, If you’re going up against Reddish enemies like French Fries, fitting red tiles will double damage from those sources. If you want to clear out waves of enemies quickly, you will need to master The tile advantage! And you would like to do precisely that…



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