Dune! Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Find a High Score Guide

Dune! Cheats Android and iOS

Dune! Is a exceptional arcade game from Voodoo where you simply Need to roll up a ball above a sand dune! cheats,tips,tricks,hack,guide and tutorial to launch it in the atmosphere and have it jump over a pub. This iOS – exclusive game might appear easy at first, but it gets far more complicated, the longer you playwith. The goal is to find the highest score possible. So as to do so, you will have to make successive successful jumps with the ball. It isn’t a simple feat to achieve since the pub gets higher every single time you create a jump. You also need to make sure you don’t wreck on your landing. Truth in time is everything in this game. Be certain that you check out our Dune! Tips and Tricks that will help you to get the very best score!

Use The Terrain

If you know what to do with them. To start off, sharp peaks would be the best for starting the ball into the air since they will give you the maximum height. The curved peaks are better used for building up momentum. Just be cautious when starting from a rounded summit because you may become a lot of air and hit the next peak. When landing, try to hit the round hills so you can easily roll off to their valleys. Keep in mind which you could experiment with the terrain all you need but you will only earn points when you go over the pub.

Use The Terrain in dune! cheats android

 Exercise Your Timing

As we mentioned previously, timing is essential in this game. The Controls are simple. You tap and continue to obtain speed, release to launch in the atmosphere, then tap and hold again to dip back down. It all looks so easy in writing but it may be insanely hard if you don’t time your moves nicely. After you tap and hold the very first time, you need to wait until you’re at the top of a peak before you release in order to find a great launch. You will then have to master the time of diving back down so that it is possible to sustain your momentum without having an incline. The good news is that you can slow down, or even stop, while playing to receive your focus back. Try to relax before going for another jump if you believe you are becoming frustrated.

Try out Swiping

The ball would be to move along with it. You don’t need to maintain your finger in place in order for your ball to keep moving. As long as your finger isn’t lifted from the screen, it is still regarded as a hold. Try following the ball’s movement with your finger so that you can better estimate the timing of this discharge instead of just based on visuals.

How To Get More Points in Dune! Cheats

Going over the line is the basic expectation so you only get 1 point every time you successfully do so. If you want to actually rake in the points, you have to work in your landing. First smooth landing gives you a 2x multiplier, while two consecutive smooth landings will provide you a 4x bonus. Keep in mind, however, that you still need to go over the line in order for your multiplier to do the job. It is also possible to get a bonus from making very high jumps so don’t hesitate to aim way over the line every time.

dune tricks for high score

The description of Dune! cheats:

Jump over the line to score, but beware! The higher you Don’t crash and keep it smooth.Ever you need them. This Dune Hack will even work with the most recent verion of iOS Or Android installed on your tablet or smartphone.
Getting the top score in Dune! Could be challenging but you Can easily reach it with the support of the tips and cheat listed above! In case you know additional hints for the game, make sure you drop us a line in the comment section below!


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