Fallout 4 Cait Companion Guide and Romance

I think we all can agree that we have spent an awful long time In the world of Fallout 4 Cait. The radio keeps you entertained for a small while, but despite the ever so embarrassing Diamond City host into your mind, you would like a companion.
Not Just for the business, but an extra gun is always handy, and your usually have a skill, such as lockpicking or hacking. This can be used to cover some of your own weaknesses rather than render any container unchecked.

Spoilers ahead, individuals! You’ve been warned!

One and first candidate for your wasteland partner is Fallout 4 Cait. This Chem-addicted redhead together with the Irish accent is located in the battle zone, a conflict bar for Raiders. You’ll find it rather easily by walking somewhat east from the gate of Diamond City. Should you stumble upon raiders, you’re probably on the ideal path!
Once you’ve eliminated the Combat Zone, talk to Tommy inside Of the cage and he’ll provide you Cait’s contract. She does not expect the player at first, but over the years the both of you’ll get along swimmingly.
Afterwards she turned 18 sold her into slavery. She spent five years as a servant, stealing caps until she managed to purchase her freedom. Soon after being with her bonds, she tracked down her parents and murdered them. With the guilt deep upon her conscience she turned to chems, more especially Psycho.

She then spent her time fighting in the Combat Zone until the participant encounters her.After she trusts you enough, she will tell you about her History and provide you the quest “Benign Intervention” which puts you upon the path to heal her addiction to chems.Maxing Cait’s approval will give you the Trigger Rush perk, Which increases action point regen as soon as your health is under 25%

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To increase your approval with Fallout 4 Cait, perform some of them Actions:

Successfully pick a Lock
Eat chems and Alcohol (Only works until you complete her quest, then she will approve of using addictol)
Intimidating, violent Or greedy dialogue options
Criminal activity like pick pocketing

However, she disapproves of thoseĀ Fallout 4 Cait actions:

Use of chems after Finishing her pursuit.
Dialogue choices Which avoid combat.


Other than that, there are a Couple of unique choices you can make to increase your acceptance with Cait. These are mostly only able to be done after, for example siding with a certain faction in a pursuit.
If you would like a fighter for a companion with rather fun Just make Certain to stay away from the chems once you’ve completed her pursuit!

How to Romance Cait Fallout 4 Guide

The second female companion is Cait and it’s available to love in Fallout 4 and, she’s a really bad girl. It looks like Bethesda actually tried to provide us two entirely different options for romancing, dependent on the type of game we play: if you like to be Mr. Nice Guy, choose Piper. If you wish to be all macho and bad boy — go for Cait.
In this article, as the title suggests, I will share with you a complete guide on how to love the bad woman Cait — if you think you can handle her! So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out Vgamerz’ manual: how to love Cait at Fallout 4!
First of all, you will need to locate Cait. She’s not the easiest to find, but she’s found in the Combat Zone at Boston, a raider-infested bar which you have to clear out before having the ability to entertain her as a companion.

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In order to be able to love her, you’ll have to grow your connection to the degree where she idolises you.

— Make selfish and/or violent conversation choices (request more cash, be aggressive)
— Consume chems and alcohol
— select locks (they can also be possessed)
— Steal from the others

So she’s really a poor girl and goes perfectly with a rougher character. But, there are items that she doesn’t enjoy, things which would bring your connection meter down. The things are:

— Killing non-hostile personalities
— Eating human flesh
— Going for tranquil alternatives / alternatives / being generous with other characters through dialogue alternatives

There is no actual indicator on how well you are doing, but you could always assess your connection status with her by talking to her. At any time you level up your friendship degree, you will know because there’ll be new dialogue options available. If you may also flirt (so large charisma/luck are required).But until she begins idolising you, the flirting doesn’t have an influence on your chances of romancing her. When you get there, however, you will need to successfully pull out a dialogue option, so to make sure that you figure out how to do it, it would be better to save your game and retry until you’re able to pull it out. It wouldn’t hurt to put on some clothing that raise your charm and luck to have better chances.

Fallout 4 Lovers Embrace

Once you successfully do this and you love Cait, you will get access to her unique perk — Trigger Hurry which regenerates your Action points 25% faster when you have 25% or less health. Additionally, you’ll get the special Relationship perk that gives you a temporary 15% XP gain boost after sleeping in a bed once the companion is nearby.
So you now understand everything you need to do to love Cait. If you think that she’s just one — go for it!


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