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Homescapes is a relaxing and fun online game which was Developed by Playrix Games, who’d established the favorite Gardenscape game. It’s a match 3 puzzle game where you have to complete the goals offered in each degree and make Coins and Star or simply utilize Homescapes cheats iphone. So, by just swapping pieces together, you can finish different levels of this intriguing game.

Homescapes cheats android is currently available free of charge to download on all of the Android devices from firmware of both 4.3.3 and greater, through the Google Play Store, in addition the game is also available for free to download on all the Apple devices starting from the IOS 7.0 and higher, as the game is compatible with IPhone, IPad, along with IPod touch, and this game is acceptable for your small children to play it, as it is rated for just four and also, however there are in game purchases that you will have to purchase power ups for actual money, or you can just relief your head and apply the Homescapes Cheats ios as it could bring to you all the power ups that you will need.

Homescapes Cheats

To begin the game of Homescapes cheats stars, you need to help Austin in Renovating his house by swapping and fitting pieces. It is an engrossing game which has unique boosters and volatile mixes. The beginning of the game might look easy, but as you reach new phases, it becomes really difficult and you cannot just randomly swap pieces together. That is why you should think about Homescapes Hack coins. There are several secrets that you will find as you keep progressing from the game. Overall, Homescapes cheat codes is a addictive online game that will keep you hooked on your screens.

Homescapes Cheats day 1

The game can be enjoyed by individuals of all age classes

Depending onyour tastes, you can put on the songs in The game and enjoy it while playingwith. The brightness of the screen can also be corrected easily. The AirPlay characteristic of the game will enable you to send the whole game on your iPad’s display to an Apple TV, wirelessly.

Power ups at no cost as always!

It is a movie, not just a Homescapes game!

Very happy, which makes your fantastic dreams last forever, but these dreams must come true, that’s precisely why Austin that the butler is taking a rest from his job to visit his childhood home, to go to his mainland which is a one full of memories and attractive tales from where he had been young, so that was the game intro because the Homescapes Hack apk introduces the players to, as it is a hell of a debut of a game, as you may feel like you’re playing an essential role in an important film, not merely playing a game, as you’ll truly feel the characters here from the game, and you’ll be emotionally attached to them, as the time passes, you will be very loyal to this Homescapes Hack ios.
Facebook friends so that they can assist you in developing a cozy feeling in the home.

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  1. Should you swap two ‘4 Lineup power-up’ together then you will be able to break three lines vertical as well as flat, instead of simply one.
  2. You will find some Booster items which could be purchased in the game store by spending actual money in the game.
  3. The rocket power-ups Can be combined with the adjoining bit to start it. You should always use Rockets to pay hard to reach rows and columns or tucked off areas.
  4. To activate the Bomb Power-up, you need to tap it. You will need to make several Bombs for beating a certain degree.
  5. For activating the Paper Plane, you need to double tap on it. Paper Planes could be earned by fitting four pieces in a square or box formation together. Once activated, the paper planes will let you automatically fly towards your next goal.
  6. To activate the Rainbow Ball power-up, you want to swap it with a blue bit to remove all the pieces of that color from the field.
  7. The game offers Multiple decoration options. Once you have substituted a piece of furniture, then you can exchange it again with a different colour as and when your heart needs by paying minimal sum like 10 Coins for altering the armchair.
  8. You Have to activate The power-ups to put the Carpet over a larger area.
  9. At Every day that you Finish in the game, you earn 1000 Coins.
  10. For removing the Jellies, you need to make matches next to it.
  11. Cherries can be Gathered by eliminating the Jelly.
  12. 1 Life costs 900 Coins. If you don’t have diamonds, subsequently use our Homescapes hack no human verification to create.
  13. At level 8, you will Come across secured pieces, which can be unlocked by making a match of it.
  14. You need to play Carefully as in the event that you lose a lifetime then you need to play the level all over again.
  15. You have a max of 5 lives and if you fall short of them then you need to wait for a certain amount of time prior to generating a new life or purchase them with real money.

Consider using 15 our high Quality Homescapes Cheats

Prepare a large Surprise to your parents!

When Austin arrives to his main land, and reaches his older House, where he had been born and raised there, he will say that his childhood home, is bringing back so many memories from the good old ago, and the first memory would be the old carpet in the front of the doorway which always trips him down to the ground, as they should have been thrown it away from a long time ago, then he will call his mother and dad, saying that he is in the house, but apparently they’re not here, nevertheless he is so much harry that he has came here too premature and they’re probably sleeping upstairs, then he felt a little bit depressed, then he understands that this is even better, as now he could have more time to prepare a little surprise for his parents.

Objects Of The Game:

In the beginning of the game, you Will Encounter six


Other mixes by fitting 4 or 5 bits together, which will provide you various power-ups. Make a square game that will provide you a cubed paper plane to save it for later. Match four bits in a row to get a rocket. There are several other combinations that you can make to get bombs, that are a lot more powerful power-ups.
You Can Create a ‘T’ or ‘L’ mixes by using five bits To create bombs. By making five pieces in a row, you may produce a rainbow chunk. When you fit 5 pieces in a lineup, you’ll be awarded using a power-up which could be swap using a normal piece and will split all the parts of the same color on the grid.

Coins are the Main currency of the game Which Can Be used For completing the numerous goals available. You get Coins by fitting pieces in each level of the game. With the support of Coins, you can purchase Boosters before the new level starts and utilize them for succeeding in the level. Coins can also be utilized for purchasing more motions, especially when you run from them in certain amounts. When you complete a level and there’s a move left, then it will be converted into a distinctive piece of the board like Rocket or Bombs. These bits will let you earn several bonus Coins for Homescapes cheats no human verification. So,with that tricks try to save as many moves as you can.

Homescapes guide starsStars:

Stars are the special currency can be earned by finishing Levels from the game. When you fit the pieces well, you will be able to earn Power-ups. You can use power ups to finish the level and earn Stars. Together with the earned Stars, it is possible to supply the house, and complete the rest of the tasks offered in the game. Therefore, you can un-wrap the intriguing history of Austin’s household. Stars may also be produced with Homescapes Hack iphone.


You’ll Be provided with tasks like cleaning the space, Changing the rugs, replacing furniture, etc.. These tasks can be finished by amassing cups, books and other objects. For this, you need to match pieces together, make power-ups like bomb, rocket, etc.. Since you keep progressing into the game, the amounts will begin becoming harder.
You’ll have a restricted number of motions for every degree. For Example, at Level 5, you want to amass 35 cups and 25 novels and also to collect them; you will get only 24 moves. At Level 6, you want to amass 98 Lay Carpets by using 21 moves. If you cannot collect the required amount of pieces before the motions get over, then you will need to devote Coins for receiving more moves.
In short, you Will Need to plan well before playing with the motions Because in greater stages of the game, the motions will get over real soon and you’ll be stuck on a particular level. So, you need to believe ahead of time and try to forecast where the pieces will proceed in order to be successful in the amounts.


In the higher phases of this game, you will be able to unlock Various sorts of boosters. Some boosters can be purchased by investing in real world money so you need to use them wisely otherwise you are going to wind up spending lot of money. An illustration of boosters is the Hammer booster that can be used for removing tiles by beating them. The Hammer can clear any tiles that you require without spending a move.


All in all, Homescapes cheats ipad is a simple game Which Can Be played at Leisure or brief intervals. It’s not necessary to complete all levels in a Single moment. You can enjoy the game for many months. You will require numerous attempts for completing a particular level. Eventually, you Will make it through and feel pleased with your playing abilities. Thus, keep playing


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