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The newest Need for Speed Payback game, is now out, and… Well, it actually is not all that great by most accounts. It seems to have a misguided focus on storytelling, and throw in some violent microtransactions, and you can see why the newest entry in the once mighty and yearly racing game franchise is struggling.

But if you were to pick up the game for yourself, You would find that it is replete with articles- there’s a lot to unwrap here, and we are here to assist you with it. Inside this guide, we cover the fastest car in the game, the easiest approaches to farm XP, all billboard locations, derelict vehicle part places, drifting guide, customization, car courses, tips and shortcuts for multiplayer, some awesome cheats, and some Achievements and Trophies.

So let’s begin NFS Payback Guide

This is a racing movie game- therefore that it goes without saying that You wish to go fast. Ergo, by extension, you want the fastest car possible from the game. That is this one- the Koenigsegg Regera. Check it out in action for yourself below.

Apart from real in game money, what gates your Progression in the realm of Need for Speed Payback cheats ps4 illegal street racing is how far ‘rep’ you have; obviously, you also want XP in addition. You will normally gain a lot of both of these as you play the game- however if you would like some easy tips and approaches to farm them (albeit via dumb and inane busywork), then we have got you covered.

NFS payback cheats ps4


You will find 30 billboards that you push through in Need for Speed Payback’s open universe, in a movement which seems to recall Criterion’s excellent Burnout Paradise (RIP that franchise). The movie below shows you where to find all of these.

DERELICT CAR PART LOCATIONS ((Ford Mustang 1965, Nissan Open world racing game- therefore, you know, there are tons of collectibles strewn around the world for one to select up. These include the derelict car components- which, the videos below will show you where to locate.


Does anyone remember wandering in Need for Speed Underground, And how gratifying it was to pull off? We’re a very long way away from those days, sadly- but drifting stays as essential and core a part of the demand for Speed games as it has ever been, or even more so- especially since you can get some rather high point multipliers if you chain your rifts together.

Thus, We’ve gathered some tips so you can nail it every single Time you try:

Tune your automobiles for drifts. Bear in Mind, the way you personalize your car can have an Effect on how well (or not) it drifts

Use your NOS increase- but sparingly. A boost can greatly help your drift, but if you overuse it, you may ruin the ramble by losing your angular momentum and gaining linear momentum instead, which divides your multiplier.

Do not use the Handbrake to commence drifts- use the true brake instead.


Customization was a big part of this Demand for Speed Customization can either be visual, or actually mechanical, with a real effect on how a car performs. Additionally, you may even accumulate the derelict cars located in the planet, and the have that scrap turned into something really meaningful. Does not that sound fascinating…?

In Payback, the customization includes:

  • Body scrubs
  • Stance Tuning
  • Derelict Restoration
  • Car Specialization
  • Car Class Customization

Regardless, if customization is what you want, then these Videos below will walk you through the options which are offered to you in game.

Need for Speed Payback Guide


Different cars that are good at doing different things- and also in this segment, we help you determine what course does what (even though, I have to be honest, it is all largely really self explanatory).

Hurry: The all round Course, they’re good at jut about everything, but not exceptionally great whatsoever

Off-Road: If you know Your race will be moving off the tarmac, these cars are the ones that you want to be on the lookout for

Drag: Straight line Racing demons, go for these if you know you won’t need to around very many corners

Drift: Exactly the Opposite of re- these are the cars that you would like to string your drifts into find up that sprucing


Remember- your Loadout determines that which you race against. You’ll Be paired with players rushing with similar cars

Next event- and if you’re at the bottom half of the table, then your votes take more weight. Woot.

Playing Speedlists Will make you actual, tangible benefits. You always have a chance of winning a reward, but no matter how you do- but doing better increases your odds of winning a reward, also.

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thanks and enjoy!


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